Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Tips for Finding and Using Your Creativity, Part 2

Using your creativity isn't as scary as it sounds, is it? Did you discover anything this past week about how you use your creativity? Be sure and share it with me if you did! Here are a few more ideas to use your skills right where you are. 

6. See real life. Really look at it. It's not just diapers and dishes. You are shaping a home. You are forming adults, even if they are quite tiny now. You are creating in your daily work with cooking, developing new recipes, baking. You're drawing with your kids and teaching them about colors and shapes. You are taking pictures of your kids and of your life. You are teaching them and that's creating all in itself. Homeschooling is great for creating in real life. You are developing a home environment that's going to shape your kids and your marriage. You are teaching about relationships and hopefully crafting good ones. 

All that real life stuff is creativity at work in the daily life. Recognize the value of what you are doing right now.  

7. Use what you have. Use what you know. You can teach someone else a skill you have. There are teenagers in your church that would love to learn something that you know how to do. There are other ladies who would like to develop a skill you have. Teach them. Use a talent you have at church. Sing, play an instrument, write, teach, welcome visitors. Make your art and decorate your home or give it as gifts. Blog and develop your writing skills and share knowledge. Don't overlook the value of what you have right now. You're not an expert? That's ok. You still know more than someone. 

8. Use free or cheap resources. Right now I am working on teaching myself how to use Photoshop. If I ever get a decent grasp on that I'm going to move on to Illustrator (where I might should have started to begin with). But you know how I'm doing that? YouTube. Almost everything is on YouTube for free. If you don't like the first resource you find, leave it. You don't have to finish that one. Search for one that makes more sense to you. You can buy books or check them out of the library. You can read blogs and listen to podcasts on the subjects you are interested in. Don't stop progress because you don't have the time or the money to go back to school. (Extra school is possibly unnecessary anyway.)

9. Limit the internet. That sounds silly since I told you to start a pinboard of inspiration and use YouTube to teach yourself things. But try it. Cut back on social media. Spend less time surfing the web. Be present with your people. Spend that time creating or reading. Don't worry about what other people are doing. Do your thing. Don't worry about what other people think about your thing either. It doesn't matter. 

There is time to be creative even in the busiest life. Even if you don't make money from it. That's not to say you never will but you won't have the skills if you don't invest your time wisely now. 

How do you fit creativity into your busy life? 

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