Thursday, September 4, 2014

When You're Feeling Big and Sloppy (Or On Adjusting Your Thought Life)

A few weeks ago I was feeling big and sloppy. Now I realize that I'm 29 weeks pregnant but I don't think I'm really big and sloppy and it's not a typical pregnancy feeling for me. So I started to ask myself why I might be feeling that way. 

(And yes, I know I don't look big and sloppy in this picture, ok??)

Now granted it doesn't help that this scenario has been repeated multiple times over the past few weeks. 
Sweet lady gives me the once-over and says, "Oh, when are you due?" in a nice, gushing voice. 
I smile, put my hand on my stomach, and reply, "November." 
She stares at my stomach and responds, "OH!"

Thanks, lady, thanks. Now I feel like a whale. 

1. I banned a few outfits. There were a few things that I felt huge in whenever I wore them. So I stopped wearing them. 

2. I'm spending an extra five minutes or so on my hair in the morning. Fixing my hair is one of my least favorite things to do; I can always think of so many other better and more interesting things to be doing. Having said that, I fix my hair every single morning. So I'm putting a few more minutes into it to help it look nicer. My hair really affects how I feel about how I look. 

3. I'm wearing my contacts as often as possible. I have an eye problem that keeps me from wearing my contacts all the time but I can wear them occasionally. They make me feel much more put together. 

4. I'm not  skipping my freshen-up minutes in the afternoon. I typically spend 5 minutes touching up my hair and makeup before I start cooking dinner. 

5. I decided to quit saying, "Wow, I feel big and sloppy." Instead I said, "I really like this shirt." Or, "Look how nice my hair turned out today." Quit saying "big and sloppy" to yourself, Lisa! Goodness. The way we talk to ourselves is just as important as how we talk to others. 

These issues aren't just related to body image during pregnancy or any other time. There are many things that we can adjust to in order to remove some mental barriers in our lives. I believe if we are going to care for our families and other people that is is imperative that we take care of ourselves. The Bible says to "love thy neighbor as thyself." We are not to pretend that we aren't human beings with needs and issues. 

Thinking about the things that bother you in life, especially little things like this, can be so beneficial. Get some idea of what's bothering you and then pray about it. Nothing is too small to take to God. Psalm 62:8 encourages us to "pour out your heart before him." Instead of being weighed down by little things you can solve them and save your mental energy for things that really matter. 

Obviously most issues aren't this easily resolved. I'm not pretending this little exercise will solve most problems. But there is always that collection of little things that we can fix. Think about your little issues and deal with them so that you can better serve God. 


  1. Your attitude and perspective make a huge difference! I have found that to be true as I struggle with not feeling well. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. You're welcome! I'm still praying about your health!