Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcoming Fall!

It's well into September, folks! (Just in case you hadn't noticed.)  We seem to have finally hit some fall weather and it's beautiful, although I must ask where the sun went. It seems we haven't seen it in a week! But with cold weather approaching, school starting, and schedules changing, it seems time to talk about tweaking our home life a little. Just for kicks I thought I'd start off with some of my...

Favorite Fall Things: 
-apple pie
-falling leaves
-soup and homemade bread
-crisp morning air
-Missions Conference
-oh, and this year we're having a baby! See? I'm really not making it up!  (31 weeks!)

Adjusting to Fall: 

1. Schedule changes. Homeschool co-op has started and the boys are really enjoying it! It's a fun afternoon for them once a week and gym should come in handy for burning off some extra energy. We're going to move some of our indoor work to the evening hours when we have to be inside to make the most of the daylight hours. Justin's back in class, teaching and taking them and preschool is back in "full swing." Or at least as much as I feel any four-year-old needs "full swing" education. 

2. Activities. I've kept some games and the playdough put up most of the summer so that the boys will have new things to do this fall and winter as it's getting colder and dark earlier. I've also kept a cardboard box with a puppet window for this season. Of course we'll tromp through the leaves, go on more walks, watch some local college football games, bake pies, and hopefully visit the pumpkin patch! And I'm on the lookout for some plastic bowling pins for the boys to do some hallway bowling. Anybody seen any? 

3. Counting blessings! As much as I don't like the dark evenings there are some great things about them! Justin doesn't have to mow and we will love the extra time with him! And don't forget it's time to break out the hot chocolate! And as for the darkness, turn on some lights and play some fun music. The sunshine is really supposed to come from within, right? 

What are your favorite fall things? 


  1. Beautiful outfit, Lisa. You are glowing! :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It's my favorite outfit :)

  2. My favorite thing this fall along with the cool air, is the colors. My two-year-old boy and I are enjoying watching the leaves change color in our neighbors yards. He's very excited about it. :-)

    1. The colors are amazing! And everything is just more fun with kids, isn't it?