Thursday, April 3, 2014

7 Reasons to Go to Church

I seem stuck on the number seven this week. I could probably come up with seven good reasons for anything. But for today let's stick with sevens reasons to go to church. 

Of course we have Hebrews 10:25 that commands us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. So we have a direct Bible command. Now it doesn't tell us how often or when. But the church in the New Testament met daily so we're hardly sacrificing meeting two days a week. 

But there are plenty of other reasons to go to church. You don't even need a Bible to see them. I love how God gives commandments in the Bible that are backed up by common sense. 

1. Bible preaching. We all need more of the Bible. And we need help learning some things. My Preacher is smarter than I am. He's studied the Bible for years and his sermons are so practical and applicable. I need to hear the Bible being taught. 

2. Fellowship with other believers.  We live in a world frequently isolated from other believers. We work, shop, and live with unbelievers most of the week. We need the time to refresh ourselves with like-minded individuals. To restore our spirit with the love our fellow church members have for God. 

3. A place to serve.  We need to work at church. It's a place to give something for God and to be involved in His work. The church was His arrangement and His setup. We need to be there serving. It helps our pastor and it reaches the lost and needy. 

4. A place to grow. We learn from the preaching. We develop new talents to use to serve God. We grow in practical skills as we work there. 

5. Practice in human relations. People are always the problem. It's a struggle to get along with people who are different from us and who do things different from us. Working in a church forces us to grow in our ability to relate with people. 

6. Faithfulness in building your life. Just the routine of regularly being at church for the services will solidify faithfulness and the ability to schedule your life. 

7. Relationships for your children. Your children will grow up with the influence of other godly Christians who care about them. They will be loved and have a place to belong. And if one day, you are having a difficult time reaching them, one of those church members may be able to. 

Church is a beautiful thing in spite of the flaws found anywhere with people. It's worth the time and energy it takes to be there and get the kids there. It's worth the effort and pain to struggle through relationships and work out difficulties. 

Why do you go to church? How has it impacted your life? 

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