Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cincinnati, Presents, and Christmas Cards

Today was Micah's genetics appointment in Cincinnati. He goes on a four month rotation now (far different from the every other week rotation we did when he was a baby!)

Obviously he was having a great time in the car this morning. They were more than pleased with him and did the normal bloodwork. 

But let's talk about the Christmas present we made for Micah's metabolic doctor. Yes, because he's awesome. I have mentioned that he called us from vacation- in HAWAII- to check on Micah when he was sick once? Oh, and there was that Christmas when Micah was sick and we talked to him on the phone or by text approximately 9,000 times a day while he was visiting his family in another state. He gets a present. 

We made this adorable thumbprint ornament! Tell me that's not cute? It was super easy too, just some craft paint and a cheap ornament. 

I wrote his name and the year on the back. This is a horrible picture but the bulb reflected the light wherever I stood. And I used a gold paint pen. It's amazing. My new best art friend, I think. I'll collect several. 

Then we made chocolate chip cookies. I used a wide mouth mason jar and stacked cookies in the bottom of it. (You have no idea how hard it was for me to make cookies that were sure to fit in this jar!) Then I set the ornament in some muffin liners that I had fluffed so they would hold the ornament safely.  Then I put a green and red curling ribbon around the top and tied it in a bow. 

I cut some kraft paper out in the shape of the lid of the jar and wrote on the top with my gold paint pen. It turned out remarkably hard to see on the brown paper so I outlined the left side of the letters with a red colored pencil. Then I hot glued the paper to the lid.  Cute, right? I hope it wasn't too cheesy :/

And there's a Christmas card saga. We had the family pictures made. We ordered the cards the day after Thanksgiving so we would have plenty of time to mail then. They shipped the next day. The postal service lost them in Memphis for two weeks. They refunded our money over the weekend. What? I was so sad because we had actually done everything to order the cards this year! But Justin whipped up this beautiful card for us and we saved our money! 

And really....if that's my biggest Christmas problem I am one blessed lady! 

(I promise I'm working on my photography skills. I know they're terrible!)

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