Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obedience or Feelings?

This might come as a shock to some but you don't have to feel good about something to do it.  I know our society screams that we should do what feels good or what fulfills our deepest dreams but that's a lie. We can make excuses for the world but we have no excuse. As Christians, is that our criteria for how we make decisions? What feels good? It shouldn't be. 

If God says it, that's enough.  We could remove so many problems from our lives if we would act in obedience instead of on our feelings. 

Obey. Just obey. 

Obey when you feel like it. 
Obey when you don't feel like it. 
Obey when you like the command. 
Obey when you don't like the command. 

Of course we want to bring our feelings around. We don't want to feel miserable if we don't have to. God doesn't command us to be miserable; actually He commands us to rejoice. But feelings follow actions. We can't will feelings into existence. 

1. Practice thankfulness. If you are obeying, thank God for the blessings He promises for obeying. Thank God for every single thing you can think of. 

2. Remember the goal. What are you working toward? Obedience is the only way to get there. What are you trying to do today? 
-training your children
-building your marriage
-becoming God's lady
-leaving a legacy of godliness

Jesus is always our example. He always obeyed even if He didn't feel like it. Read Christ's prayers in Gethsemane. Going to the cross was not what He felt like doing but He submitted to the will of the Father. He kept the end goal in mind: the redemption of mankind. 

When I've done more for Jesus than what Jesus did for me I can start feeling sorry for myself. Until then, I'm going to work on obeying. 

Whether I feel like it or not. 

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