Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites: Reminders

A Week of Reminders

1. A friend of mine from college visited this week. She is preparing to go to Papua New Guinea to work on Bible Translation with Wycliffe. What a challenge! But it made me think about how very thankful I am to have the whole Bible in my own language! And to be able to read it!

2. Justin and I took Micah to the playground last night. Every time I go to the playground I am reminded how careful I want to be about my tone of voice! Most of the parents' tones make me want to cringe.

3. People always come before my lists. The needs of my family are more important than any to-do list I might have. That's often hard for me to realize when I'm busy checking things off my list :)

Micah was wearing Justin's shirt this morning. It was pretty funny!

He was waiting on Daddy to open the door!

I think he enjoyed the shirt. He's an adorable child!

Wearing daddy's sunglasses at the park!

Driving the lawn mower around the yard!

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