Friday, April 27, 2012

Parenting Panic

Last Friday we were planning on eat dinner with some friends. After Micah got up from his nap we did our normal stuff and then I started baking his food and went to get ready. Micah normally plays in the bathroom or runs around the house like a wild man while I'm getting ready. That day he was running around the house. He was quiet for a few minutes and I thought I should go check on him. I didn't want to call for him because he is typically busy looking at a book or playing with cars.

He wasn't in his room. He wasn't in Kevin's room. He wasn't in the living room, the kitchen, or our room! And I didn't hear him anywhere so I started calling his name. I was started to wonder where on earth the child could be! I walked back to the main hallway and kept calling his name. When I heard muffled thumping I looked through the closets and then called for him again. That's when it happened.

The doorbell rang. The front door. Where there is no walkway and people never come. I went over and yanked the door open and there he was standing on the front porch ringing the doorbell! He had unlocked the front door, let himself out, and closed the door behind him! Unlocked the door. All. By. Himself. I pulled him back in the house, "You get yourself in here right now!" He got the whole "you never go outside by yourself speech" and I started to relax.

Oh, and note to self. The two-year-old can unlock the front door. 


  1. evie did this to me a few weeks ago, i was vaccuming and looked out on the porch and she was out there sitting on the porch i about flipped haha its so funny but scary!

  2. It is scary but very hilarious! I cracked up about it later! Glad he's not the only one!