Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Projects

Between technical difficulties with myself and Blogger I've been trying to post this since Saturday! So most of this is late week/Saturday work.

We started cleaning out the junk room to make a nursery for baby Kevin! When we moved a few months ago all the extra stuff just got piled in there! And boy, did we throw things out. I thought we threw things out when we moved??

I really should have taken a before picture. I was astonished at what we got done in two hours. And it still needs a lot of work; we are going to paint, reorganize, and store baby clothes.

Speaking of baby clothes you should count yourself fortunate that you're not getting the "and this is the outfit that Micah wore home from the hospital" pictures. It was tempting. It was fun, and a little sad, to go through all the baby clothes! I'm going to hang and put in drawers the 0-12 months clothes and store the others in the now-empty tubs!

We are working on this a little early and I'm so glad! When it's 90 degrees outside this summer and I'm chasing Micah and doing my regular work I'm going to be glad to not worry about this!

My wonderful hubby hung my dry-erase board in the hallway behind the kitchen. Great place for items I need from the grocery store. A paper list on the counter is always in the way.

Fixed a shelf on the bookshelf and reorganized the top to make a spot for Justin's stuff.

That way the top of the dresser can now look like this! It was u-g-l-y before! And yes, those are pictures of us from high school!

We also hung the extra curtains on the big window in our bedroom and took down the Roman shades. These aren't the curtains I want permanently but they made such a big difference in how everything looked! I was shocked. And I definitely want dark-colored curtains; I wasn't sure before.

See that couch? Yeah, that's not where it goes. But when Micah leans on it, it scoots. And so it gets scooted a lot! It's supposed to be turned to face the right and about where the ottoman is! Micah loves to rearrange furniture as much as I do!

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