Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flexibility in Scheduling

Remember one time when I mentioned that changes have to constantly be made to schedules? You get a schedule that works really well and what happens? You have to change it! I don't really like that but it's life so I had better get used to it. Also, it's called "flexibility." A schedule does you no good if it is so rigid that it doesn't serve your family.

We've had a schedule change recently since we moved Micah to big boy bed. He's now getting out of bed about 7:30 instead of 8 or 8:30. (I actually think part of this is because of some molars he's getting.) But this pregnant lady is very tired and right now I'm not going to torture myself trying to get up earlier. Everything has a season but that's another post. So I'm up about 7:15 and he joins me in my morning routine when he wakes up. He sits on the counter while I roll my hair if he's up that early. We cuddle on the couch and he looks at his Bible story book while I read my Bible. Then we read his story. Then we get his formula and he drinks it and plays with toys on the counter while I fix my hair and put on makeup. We've adjusted quite well to this change. Well, really, I have. He loves being up and doing all that with me.

One of my biggest struggles with schedule changes can be my attitude. It's not an annoyance to me for him to be up but it could be if I thought about how I wanted time to myself or time to to do whatever I want. That's my selfish heart coming out. God gave that child to me. He is my responsibility to mother and love and he needs to know that he is important to me. I can give him that time and attention. And I can use our schedule to best serve our family! After all, that's what it's for, right?


  1. so true. I am learning flexibility as well. I've never been so exhausted and it has made cleaning and housekeeping difficult. I've had to adjust the schedule i just got used to! But it is worth it! Thank you for this reminder!

  2. No kidding! I've had to make sure I get a nap when Micah takes one or I'm going to struggle till bedtime! We'll make it :)