Monday, March 7, 2011

Trip to Kingsport

We traveled to Kingsport on Saturday to see our families. We left early in the morning and came back late that night and never stopped in between! It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed seeing our families. We spent the morning at Justin's parent's house. Here's a great picture of Micah with Justin's dad.

After that, we went down to my grandparent's house. They really enjoyed seeing Micah. Justin took some pictures but they are on his iPhone so I'll have to get them later. Then we went to my parent's house. Here's a picture of my mom with Micah. Notice Micah is looking up. There was a ceiling fan on and he has an obsession!

We did eventually get back on the road; Micah wanted to sleep but the potholes kept waking him up. TDOT had better get busy this summer! We stopped in Powell to get gas and feed Micah. He enjoyed this playtime in the front seat. He also kept honking the horn!

He was really excited to be so sleepy. The whole time he was in his car seat he said "da da, ma ma!" Maybe he was afraid that we had left? So I held my hand back there where he could play with it.

I do think he's a little young to drive but he seemed to like the idea!

We got home and got our stuff done and went to bed! Then church the next morning! We had a great day of services!

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