Thursday, March 17, 2011


Micah had a doctor's appointment in Cincinnati on Tuesday so away we went! We had to wake Micah up at 7 which is much earlier than when he normally gets up; he slept soundly with us standing beside his crib talking with the lights on! But he was his happy self after he sat up!We stopped in Richmond on the way up and got ourselves sausage biscuits and fed Micah oatmeal. Life's just not fair, is it? :) The outpatient clinic is actually in Kentucky so if you are there at a busy time you can avoid Cinci traffic completely! The doctor and nutritionist were thrilled with Micah! He's off the charts for his height and in the 90th percentile for weight. Not a small boy! They did some bloodwork and told us to bring him back after his birthday; they want to see party pictures! After that they are going to start spacing his appointments out to three or four months apart. We won't have results on the bloodwork for probably a week but assuming that all looks well they didn't make any changes to his diet. Micah does really well having his blood drawn. Those ladies up there are awesome! He doesn't even cry! Now if he'd only do that for shots....

We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way back. Micah had most of my carrots and then I took some bread and cheese for him. He really enjoys eating in restaurants, especially if there are ceiling fans! We stopped in Berea on the way back to let him out of his carseat to stretch his legs and drink his bottle. It will be nice when he can walk and we can actually get out the car with him. He was so ready to crawl around when we got home!

It's great to know that our son is getting such excellent medical care! God has blessed us with great resources to provide for him!

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