Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where Motherhood Intersects with Creativity

(This, shockingly, is not going to be a post about being creative with your mothering and how you can draw your children into enjoying the things that you love. All of that is true though and you can find plenty of it through google.)

I have three little boys. -Newsflash in case you haven't been reading here long.-  Little kids require a lot of work. Not overly complicated work but very busy work. It's easy to think sometimes that if I didn't have to wipe noses, change diapers, read books, and buckle shoes so often then I could be more creative or get more work done. What a harsh attitude to have toward my children and to this calling that's been put before me. (And if you have kids God put it before you too!)

 This family is my first work. Outside of my relationship with Jesus these people inside the walls of this house are the most important. They should get my best. Then, as seasons change and time allows, there is room for other things. Time to help others and serve the needy. Time to pursue a passion, sharpen a skill, and use those abilities to help others. Life is certainly not just about "mine" because I realize that God sees all of these as "His" and therefore they matter to me. But when it comes to my attitude toward my little loves and things I love to do, the little loves have to win. (And yes, there is typically time to do both.)

It's a matter of the heart. Our heart shows up in our priorities and how we live. Do I put more effort into planning my social media and blog posts than I do into planning for my boys education? Education about God and preschool work and habit training and skills developing. Do I guard my time to write more than I do my marriage? Do I spend more time squeezing in making art than I spend at the feet of Jesus?  

Do I believe God wants me to write? Yes, I do. Does it really matter if I post on the blog this week? In the light of maintaining consistency, sure. But in the light of eternity probably not if I'm neglecting my first work. When I look at what really matters, I see people. I see my husband and our children. I see our families and friends. I see our church and the people there. I see the people I come across every day. I even see the people who read this blog. That's why I do the work, whatever it is. I want to point others to Jesus, whether it's my husband or it's you. 

The work of the home is little noticed. But it is essential. People need a place. People require food.  I want to do these things well. Our home matters. It influences many more than just the few that live here because it shapes all of us and how we impact others. The laundry, the cleaning, the food prep, the discipline- it's real work that matters even if it doesn't come with a paycheck, promotions, or retirement. 

I'm not just marking time through motherhood until I can do something else. Twiddling my thumbs, sighing, and rolling my eyes as I care for these little people thinking it's all a waste. I'm not running from the hard- and sometimes it is hard. I'm not looking for easier work- calling from God or not, it's still work. This- these little people, the supper table, the nightly prayers with the husband- this is the work that will mark eternity. It will settle into the grain of our marriage and the people our children are becoming. Don't view motherhood as the enemy. It is a battleground, yes, but with ourselves. It is the Potter's wheel where He rubs off our rough areas. It's our learning center, where we learn about God, ourselves, and how to relate to others. Motherhood doesn't keep you from what you want to do. It makes you who you want to be. 

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