Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Nice Isn't Enough

A few months ago after Toddler Time the boys and I were running some errands. When we left Save-A-Lot, there was a younger woman, probably younger than I am, sitting propped up against a column right outside the store. I asked if she was waiting on someone and she replied that they were in the store, but thanks. She seemed appreciative of my concern and very friendly. 

Was it nice of me to check on this lady? Sure it was. Nice according to the dictionary mean "pleasing or agreeable." Is it our goal to be pleasing or agreeable? Why? I think I am generally rated as a "nice" person but sometimes nice isn't enough.

Nice isn't enough when people need Jesus. What I should have done was share the Gospel with that lady. She would have listened to me.  When I turned around to look back she was already gone. I don't know if she went in the store or to a vehicle but I missed my opportunity. 

Nice won't transform her life. Nice won't give her a home in heaven. Nice won't forgive her sins. But Jesus can do all of that. If all I give is my "niceness", it's not enough. I need to give Jesus. 

Nice isn't enough when I need to stand up for my convictions. If I am more concerned about being nice than pleasing God, I can easily become a people-pleaser and compromise on my convictions. 

Nice can actually be selfish. I can be nice so people will like me. That's self centered and all about me. I can be nice so that others will think well of me. Once again, all about me. Now I did ask about the girl because I was concerned about her sitting there alone.  But nice isn't a good enough motivation; God sees my heart. Am I trying to please God or am I trying to make myself look good? 

Nice isn't enough when people need the truth. When I'm having a conversation with a friend and I have the choice between being nice and telling her the truth in love, I need to choose to tell her the truth in love. Sometimes listening to someone tell their life story or share a part of their past isn't nice, but it is necessary. Life isn't always nice and people need a safe place to share that. 

Nice is good. Nice is a great way to be likeable. But nice isn't enough. It's not enough to be liked. I don't want a lost person to point at me in heaven and say, "Why didn't you tell me?" Nice won't keep anyone from going to hell. The truth isn't always pleasing or agreeable and we won't be either if we are sharing and living it.

People don't need nice. They need Jesus. Let's stop trying to be nice ladies so that others will like us and focus on pleasing God, even if it doesn't seem as "nice".  


  1. Wow, what a simple but convicting post. Thank you, I needed this reminder. You're right, sometimes nice isn't enough. Great thoughts!

  2. Thank you! I was really convicted about why I try to be "nice." Maybe I'll just quit using the word :)