Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I'm Reading (and Listening To)

There are some habits that I'm really glad to have. Reading is one of those. I love to read. I learn so much reading; it's like my own personal graduate degree that I get to plan myself! What's to not like?  Here's what I'm reading now. 

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey
I'm only about halfway through this one; it's a slower read for me. But it's one of those books that I would insist my college students read if I taught an Insights class (a introductory class for freshman at the college I attended). Habits matter in our lives and it's worth taking at look at what habits we have and if they are actually helping us. 

For the Children's Sake- Susan Macaulay
This book is an introduction of sorts to a Charlotte Mason based education. It's not an easy read either but I'm learning that some books are worth pushing through to engage the material. I really want to implement some of these philosophies into our homeschool as the boys get older. I've always said that the world is too interesting for school to be boring. I would definitely recommend this book to homeschoolers, or even parents who are looking to supplement the education their children are receiving at a public or private institution. 

When Children Love to Learn- Elaine Cooper
Ok, I was not reading this book and the previous one at the same time. When I first started the post I was reading Macaulay's book and this one was written as a more practical application of the theories in the previous one. I've just started it. 

This is the book I'm rereading as I finish my Bible reading in the mornings. It's full of practical and fresh ideas for getting the joy in your life from God instead of depending on circumstances or other people to provide it. I've underlined and made notes and will continue to reread it every other year or so. (Actually I really enjoy reading it and The Path to a Woman's Happiness when I'm pregnant.) 

This is the one homeschooling blog I read consistently. The posts are written by a group of authors and discuss, you guessed it, homeschooling! 

Masterpiece Mom
This a newer podcast that I just discovered a few weeks ago and it's hilarious! Ever breathed a sigh of relief when someone mentions a problem because you're thinking, "Oh good, it's not just me!"? That's what you'll do when you're listening. And they are short so you can fit them in anywhere. 

I guess I need to confess that the top three books sit in the bathroom and I read them in snatches here and there. So now you know my secret. 

What are you reading? 

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