Monday, September 24, 2012

Picture and Quote

Love this picture of me and my boys! Micah looks beyond pleased. I told Justin my hair looked crazy in the picture and then I was a little afraid it looked crazy in real life too! :)

Here's a little quote for you when you start to think that you are only doing menial work and long for something "great".
If anyone was too good to die, it was Jesus. If anyone should have done greater things than walking dusty roads and talking with people too dense to understand him, it was Jesus.
If Jesus can come to serve and He is God, surely I can serve knowing I am following His pattern.


  1. Love the picture of you and your boys! And when I saw the picture before I even read the post, I thought, "Okay, I think I want her haircut!" :o)

  2. Such a good picture, and I thought your hair looked cute too!! :) What a challenging quote!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Apparently I was the only one concerned about my hair :) I do generally enjoy the haircut!