Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Weekend Edition

Some of my favorite things come from the internet; the Weekend Edition is where I share them with you. 

On the Internet
Oh, kitchen, I love you. I must admit that I stifle that love because it is less relaxing to cook with little ones running around. I will invite them into the work and I will fight for the enjoyment. 

Jon Acuff: The vanilla trap 
Everyone won't like you or what you do. Don't let that stop you. 

Braid Creative and Consulting: When You Don't Know What To Write About
This isn't a list of prompts and fill-in-the-blanks, although those aren't bad. This is a thoughtful look at writing and what you are already doing. 

In My Hand: 
Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson because I love the two other books I've read by her and the topic is a passion of mine. 

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp because I'm starting a study on creativity and artistry and work. 

Great ideas on picking what you really need to do and putting off the extra- you know, like social media. 

Especially no. 39. Ok, I've only listened to a few but they were excellent. And I see other intriguing titles for days ahead. 

(Both of these podcasts are also available in iTunes.)

This will probably hit the menus monthly! 

Because a mall is along way away. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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